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Growth rates versus immunocompetence in nestling Leach's storm-petrels (Oceanodroma leucorhoa)
Numerical evaluation of the taxonomy of Geum radiatum and preliminary studies of the pollination biology of its Nova Scotian population
Host-specificity, freeze tolerance and infections of Hepatozoon blood parasites in wood frog, Rana sylvatica
Assessing habitat use by migratory birds using marine radar
Passive acoustic detection of harbour porpoises in the Minas Passage
Acoustic communication and the role of antennae as putative acoustic sensory organs in pine engraver beetles, Ips pini
Structure and biomass of small-bodied fish populations in Oakland Lake, Nova Scotia
Habitat use by the American Eel (Anguilla rostrata) in relation to substrate and vegetation in Oakland Lake
Recently-masculinized and standard male mitotypes of Mytilus edulis in natural mussel beds of Nova Scotia
Association of Escherichia coli with insect species emerging from the Thomas Brook Watershed
Use of restriction fragment length polymorphisms to determine the presence of Sorex maritimensis and Sorex albibarbis DNA from fecal samples across Nova Scotia and parts of New Brunswick
The effect of food conditioning films on the attachment of Listeria monocytogenes to food contact surfaces
Breeding density and breeding phenology of Nelson's Sparrows (Ammodramus nelson) in saltmarsh and inland habitats
The neuroprotective effects of relaxin-3 during ischemia and the role of nitric oxide
A test of concerted evolution models using ribosomal RNA genes from the Caenorhabditis elegans genome
An investigation into the genomic evolution of the histone gene family
Sequencing the control region of the male-transmitted mitochondrial genome of the horse mussel, Modiolus modiolus
The effects of fungal endophytes on physiological and morphological traits in Picea glauca
Biological evaluation of metal-containing compounds to assess potential for use in photodynamic therapy
Phylogeographic analysis of genetic structure present in Purple Sandpipers