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A theology of youth evangelism
An historical review of the Protestant ministry and a development of ecclesiastical orders in the Church of South India with a view of Church union
The Christian faith and the university
The significance of the Cross  to Paul
The Union of the Baptists and the Free Baptists of the Maritime Provinces in 1905 and 1905
Justification by faith
Modern theologians on baptism
The Maritime Baptist Young People's program
The rural church problem in the Maritime Baptist Convention
Evangelism in the Maritime Provinces
Christian journalism
The social problem of the degenerate rural community
The development of the educational factor in the Maritime United Baptist Convention
Christian education and the problems of the small church
Religious instruction in our public schools
The spiritual effect of fasting
Factors in the growth patterns of the United Baptist Convention in the Maritime Provinces, 1905-1965
A history of the Primitive Baptist Conference of New Brunswick, Maine and Nova Scotia
A  history of the Reformed Baptist Alliance of Canada
The Baptists of Cape Breton