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Full Genome of Phialocephala scopiformis DAOMC 229536, a Fungal Endophyte of Spruce Producing the Potent Anti-Insectan Compound Rugulosin
Managing discovery and linking services.
Celebrating 10 years of Canadian librarianship through the Partnership Journal
Lost in translation
Are the fittest Canadian adults the healthiest?
Book Review: Digital Libraries and Information Access
Book Review: The Expert Library: Staffing, Sustaining, and Advancing the Academic Library in the 21st Century
Marine fungal diversity
Librarians and libraries supporting open access publishing.
And so it goes
As we evolve
The ins and outs of the peer-review process
Factors affecting biotic mercury concentrations and biomagnification through lake food webs in the Canadian high Arctic
Mercury in bats from the northeastern United States
Response to comment on “mercury biomagnification through food webs is affected by physical and chemical characteristics of lakes”
Mercury concentrations in feathers of marine birds in Arctic Canada
Mercury bioaccumulation in dragonflies (Odonata: Anisoptera): Examination of life stages and body regions
Mercury photochemistry in snow and implications for Arctic ecosystems
Mercury bioaccumulation and biomagnification in a small Arctic polynya ecosystem
Quantifying the effects of soil temperature, moisture and sterilization on elemental mercury formation in boreal soils