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Parrhesiatic beatitude
The rhetoric of new conquest and its use in the exilic and post-exilic books
Culturally relevant pedagogy in Nunavik
The influence of probiotics on symptoms of ADHD and anxiety in childhood in a crossover experimental design
Effects of a probiotic supplement on anxiety and mood balance in adults
Monitoring mammal movement through a wildlife underpass and culvert in Antigonish, Nova Scotia using remote camera sensing
Generation of synthetic speech from a neural network output
The constructs of adapted aquatic programming for children and youth with disabilities
Effects of a custom made mandibular repositioning mouthguard on airway dynamics and aerobic performance in trained cyclists
The effects of aerobic exercise intensity on cognition in adults aged 18-45
Business, economy, society and sport
Effects of a jaw-repositioning custom-made mouthguard on athletic performance
Wolfville local food bucks
Volunteer tourism
Exploring community engagement in tidal energy development
Exploring the impact of diet and physical activity intensity on behaviours of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder
Sex and leg dominance effects on neuromuscular control patterns and lower body biomechanics during single leg landings of post-pubescent athletes
Implementing the Canadian assessment of physical literacy on children with disabilities
Leg dominance and asymmetry effects on neuromuscular activation patterns of pre-pubescent and post pubescent male and female athletes during walking and unanticipated side-cutting maneuvers