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Effects of a probiotic supplement on anxiety and mood balance in adults
Monitoring mammal movement through a wildlife underpass and culvert in Antigonish, Nova Scotia using remote camera sensing
Annual spatial ecology of Herring Gulls (Larus argentatus) in eastern North America
Precarious possibilities
A comparison of doctrine of Satan in the Bible and the Qur’an
Synthetic studies on 1,3-diketones leading to novel curcumin analogs
A document exploring system on LDA topic model for Wikipedia articles
Plant and aquatic invertebrate diversity in agricultural riparian zones, the the Tri-brook watershed, Annapolis Valley, in repsonse to disturbance by cattle
Novel phosphinoamines for carbon dioxide capture
Contributions to multiple comparisons procedures
"Oh, praise the eternal justice of man!":
Cultural ways of forming ecological identities and factors affecting their ontologies
The Crass ceiling
Assessing the accuracy of Bayesian Additive Regression Tree credible intervals
Multi-agent system applications in healthcare
Exploring the properties of the UEPSWOR sampling algorithms via simulations
Investigating the usefulness of multidimensional radix representations for computing
One man's experiences of an adventure therapy program addressing intimate partner abuse
Resource partitioning and repeatability in foraging behaviours among four auks nesting in sympatry in a sub-Arctic ecosystem