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A graph theoretic model for configurational isomerism
The search for identity in the Manawaka novels of Margaret Laurence
Foraging semipalmated sandpipers Calidris pusilla L.  and their major prey Corophium volutator (Pallas)  on the Starrs Point mudflat Minas Basin
The biology of the amphipod Corophium volutator (Pallas) in the Western Minas Basin, Nova Scotia
Population dynamics and morphological variation of the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes rubricosa Bangs) on Prince Edward Island
Ecology of the Sitatunga (Tragelaphus spekei selousi Rothschild, 1898.) in the Bangweulu swamps, Zambia, Central Africa.
Sexing criteria and sex ratio of Corophium volutator (Pallas) in Minas Basin during winter
"The help should be greatest where the need is most"
Petrology and tectonic setting of the Teahan Unit and associated base metal mineralization, Caledonian Highlands, Southern New Brunswick
Ideology and the selection of party leaders in Nova Scotia
Numerical evaluation of the taxonomy of Geum radiatum and preliminary studies of the pollination biology of its Nova Scotian population
The ethics of care
"Support it properly or drop it"
The possibility of Dirofilaria immitis, canine heartworm disease, becoming endemic in Nova Scotia.
The National Geographic Magazine and the construction of China and Inner Asia
Should Iceland join the European Union?
Rat skeletal muscle Na+, K+ -atpase content and activity, with and without exercise following spinal cord transection
What a day
One year of resistance exercise improves neutrophil activity in older individuals