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The role of RXFP1 and RXFP3 relaxin receptors in H2 and H3 relaxin-induced neuroprotection
 Leptin as a measure of body condition in Leach's storm petrel chicks
Effects of relaxin peptides on the release of pro-inflammatory cytokines in oxygen and glucose deprived brain tissue
Nitric oxide and superoxide dismutase activity in relaxin-3-induced neuroprotection
Monitoring the relaxin-induced reduction of cellular injury due to ischemia using Hsp70
The neuroprotective effects of relaxin-3 during ischemia and the role of nitric oxide
Relaxin does not reduce apoptosis resulting from oxygen and glucose deprivation in cultured rat brain slices
Sample preparation and chromatographic methods for analysis of toxic pesticides used in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island agriculture
Antiapoptotic effects of relaxin in organotypic brain slice cultures
Relaxin's effect on hypoxia-inducible factor 1-alpha levels in hypoxic brain tissue
Heat shock proteins in the relaxin-induced protection of ischemic neural tissue
Relaxin in the ovary of Fundulus heteroclitus and its role in follicular cell proliferation
The role of cellular composition of neural transplants in the development of dyskinesias in Parkinson's disease
Identification of the presence of prolactin receptors in osteoblasts and SUM 159 cell lines
Relaxin production during cerebral ischemia and its potential role in neuroprotection
Effects of Relaxin on apoptosis in neonatal rat brain slice preparations under ischemic stress
Expression patterns of relaxin family peptides in Danio rerio
Production and purification TAT-Cre: A cell penetrating fusion protein that recombines floxed genes
The effect of relaxin on hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha expression under normoxicand ischemic conditions using an organotypic neonatal rat brain culture system
The role of relaxin in the reduction of cellular injury in response to ischemia