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The effects of familiar and unfamiliar music on maximal running performance
Relationships between socioeconomic status and physical activity among children and youth in Nova Scotia
Extraversion and its influence on exercise responses to music
The effects of Red Bull ® on the performance of varsity hockey players
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Are Wii Fit or foolish?
The effects of passive cycling on body composition of elderly individuals
Adherence to Canada's food guide to healthy eating
Screen-based media use, physical activity level and body mass index of children and youth in Nova Scotia
Transplantation of porous tubes following spinal cord transection improves hindlimb function in the rat.
Rat skeletal muscle Na+, K+ -atpase content and activity, with and without exercise following spinal cord transection
One year of resistance exercise improves neutrophil activity in older individuals
Early effects of spinal cord transection and motor driven cycling exercise training on skeletal muscle properties