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An angular analysis of the B -> K*µ+µ- decay using anti-de sitter/Quantum Chromodynamics
Transmission electron microscopy analysis of MnSi on SiC
Physics beyond the standard model
Charge density waves in Nb3M4 (M = Se, Te) intercalated with Tl and In
Simulation of transmission electron microscopy diffraction patterns
REBIC analysis of charge density waves in TaS3
Search for dark matter
3-dimensional finite volume ocean coastal modelling of the Grand Passage
Digital in-line holography and the numerical reconstruction of holograms
Spectroscopy of luminescence materials for optimizing down-conversion efficiency
Photophysical investigation of coordination complexes for application in photodynamic therapy
Search for the Higgs boson in the H -> WW(*) -> lvlv channel using multivariate analysis techniques
Optimization of the monocular indirect ophthalmoscope
Multislice simulation of TEM images
Spectroscopy of phosphors YVO4 and GdVO4 for estimating down-conversion efficiency
Detection of charge density waves in TAS3 using SEM EBIC
Development and characterization of a near-infrared cathodoluminescence detector
Results of a ground magnetic survey over the Bloody Creek bolide impact crater near Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Development of a device for measuring the electromechanical properties of single molecules