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Geological setting of Au-Cu-Ni-Pb occurrences in the Second Gold Brook Area, Southwestern Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia
Management of Delia platura, through timed planting of Phaseolus vulgaris
'Nova Scotia's best kept secret'
Un(masc)ing the male feminist
Using partial digestions in PedoGeochemical exploration to understand interactions between reagents and soil mineral matrices
The economic impacts of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on Nova Scotia fisheries
Investigations of ex situ strategies for the conservation of Geum peckii (Eastern Mountain Avens)
Towards a method for the partial extraction of metals in soils
Mixed mating and its ecological impact on an endangered plant: Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt.
Exploring the decision to give versus withhold feedback on others' romantic relationship
Adult attachment style and caregiver attitudes before and after raising a virtual child
Ironstone of the Ferrona Formation, Nova Scotia, and the biogeochemical cycling of Fe and P
Seals in western Hudson Bay
Road work ahead
“The revels we shared in the days that are gone”
Can psychological factors predict placebo responding in adults with anxiety and negative mood?
Effects of government legislation and regulation of payday loans in Canada
Monoclonal antibody MAb M1169 identifies surface proteins of thermotolerant campylobacter species
Worldview rejection