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Wetland senescence and productivity trends in the Cumberland Marsh Region, Atlantic Canada
'Nova Scotia's best kept secret'
Deutero dipping?
Paul's "walking" metaphor and Galatians 5:16
John 6:51–59 and the Eucharist
Confidence calibration in early year university students
Interval estimation in risk analysis with nonquantal data
A "morbid attrait to beauty" elements of aestheticism in J. D. Salinger's Glass fiction
Amphibian conservation monitoring using radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies
Effects of probiotics on memory, ADHD, and anxiety in children
Statistical surrogate modelling of a deterministic financial model for tidal energy generation
Shaped for faithful witness
Spiritual formation in desert terrain
The architecture of participation
Towards a biblical theology of mission to Arabic speaking Muslims
Parrhesiatic beatitude
The rhetoric of new conquest and its use in the exilic and post-exilic books
Culturally relevant pedagogy in Nunavik
The influence of probiotics on symptoms of ADHD and anxiety in childhood in a crossover experimental design